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jkpo; Lyrics

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miof;fpwhh; miof;fpwhh; ,NaR miof;fpwhh;>
cyfpd; xsp ,NaRNt ve;jd; ,NaR Njtuh[d
fhyNkh nry;Ynj re;Njh~k; nghq;FNj
rpYit Rke;j cUtk Njthyak; cd; ,Ujak
ehd; ght Nrw;wpdpy; tho;e;Njd epiyapy;yh cyfj;jpy; miye;Njidah
ghtpf;F Gfyplk; ,NaR ,ul;rfh nghq;fp tuk; mUs;
kfpo;Nthk; kfpo;Nthk khdpl cUtpy; mtjhpj;j
kPl;gh; ,NaRNt - Nfhur; tUtha; jUzkpJNt
thrypy; epd;wth; jl;Lfpwhh [Ptdpd; Cw;whNk ,NaRgud
[Pts;s NjtNd thUk; thryz;il epd;W Miraha; jl;Lk
nra;jp $wpLNthk; mutizf;Fk; ,NaR
fy;thhpapd; fhl;rpia fhz;gPNu ghtj;jpd; ghuj;jpdhy;
cd;id miof;Fk; ,NaRtpd -

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