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jkpo; Lyrics

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mjprakhd xspka ehlhk mWtil kpFjp MNsh ,y;iy
cyNfhh; cd;idg; gifj;jhYk NjrNk gag;gljhNj
ke;ijapy; Nru MLfNs tpise;j gyid mWg;ghh; ,y;iy
tpopj;njO tpRthrpapna eP ,Us; #Ok; fhyk; mdptUNj
,NaRf; fpwp];Jtpd; ey; rPluhFNthk cyfj;jpy; ,NaR ehkk;
xsp jUk; jPgq;fs gyd; nfhLg;gPh;
cwf;fk; njspNthk; mjprakhk; mw;Gjh; ,NaR
mioj;jPNu VRNt jhrNu ,j;juzpia md;gha;
vd; kPl;gh; nrd;w ghijapy fhzhj Ml;bd; gpd;Nd
,Natpd; giltPuNu xd;W $LNthk rthiy re;jpf;f Gwg;gL eP

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