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jkpo; Lyrics

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fpwp];Jtpd; tUif

me;j ehs; neUq;fpLNjA> ,uh[hjp uh[dth;
vf;fhs rj;jk; thdpy; njhdpj;jplNt FJHfyk; epiwe;j ed;dhs;
rPNahd; Njrkjpy; Nrh;e;njd;Wk; Njtd; tUfpd;whh; Ntfk; ,wq;fp
Neruth; vd; Neruth; kz;Nzhiu kPl;f te;j uh[hNt
,e;jf; filrp ehl;fspy; ghtj;jpd; gyd; eufk;> eufk; - X
kfpikapd; uh[h kfpikNahL gpujhd Jhjd; vf;fhsk; Koq;f
rhNykpd; uh[h rq;ifapd; uh[h Nkfq;fs; eLnt top gpwf;Fk;
vd; ,NaR uh[d; tUthh; fh;j;jhpd; tUif neUq;fpLNj
NkfkPjpy; NaRuh[d; Ntfk; thuhNu ,uh[hjp ,uh[d; ,naR tUthh;

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