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jkpo; Lyrics

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ghpRj;j Mtpapd; mtpN~fk;

mDg;Gk; Njth ck; Mtpapid ,k;kl;Lk; fpUig je;j Njth
,dpAk; ck;NkhL fpl;br;Nru Jha ey;Mtp epiwTld; ,wq;fp
ghpRj;jhtp vq;fs; kPjpNy ghpRj;j Mtpapd; ty;yikNa
G+uz MrPh; nghope;jpLNk ty;yik Njit Njth
te;jpLtPh; Njth ty;yikahy; MtpahdtNu md;gpd; MtpahdtNu
mirthLk; MtpNa Jha;ikapd; MtpNa Cw;Wj; jz;zPNu Njt MtpNa
ty;yik mUs; epiwNt mgpN~fk; te;jpwq;FNj
,ul;bg;ghd ed;ikfs; je;jpl Cw;wg;gl Ntz;LNk cd;djj;jpd; Mtp
mf;fpdp Cw;iwj; jpwe;jpLNk mf;fpdp mgpN~fk; Mtpapd; mgpN~fk;

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