Style of Playing

There are diffrent type music ( style of playing) available, such as, 1. Classical 2. Blue 3. Jazz 4. Cha Cha 5. Country 6. Rege etc. etc It is not the must to learn everything, but everyone choose the music according to their own interest. Anyhow it is a must to learn the Basics of Guitar and then you could select your own style of playing according to your wish.
Another Classification

Generally,you could find in a music band 3 people playing Guitar. Those are;
1. Lead Guitar
2. Rythym Guitar
3. Bass Guitar.
(I have taken the Electric Guitars here ) 

Lead Guitar

In order to play this you must learn the scales. It is a sequence of notes played before, while 
and in the end of the song, in other words, playing interlude and filling the gap etc. etc. And
at the same when you play the Lead Guitar you could make the melody of the song also. People who
have "ear music" ability could easily learn Lead.

Rythm Guitar
Here the Guitarist will play the relevant Chords. Generally beginers have to concentrate first 
on the Rythym (Chords & Strumming) and then should proceed to Lead or Bass. Chords are organiz
-ed family wise and the Guitarist will play the related Chords which rym with songs. 

Bass Guitar 
This is a 4 String Guitar;
1. E srting
2. A string
3. D String 
4. G string.
Generally, these strings Gauges are larger than other Guitar strings and it will make the sound
of the Bass drum. Like the Lead Guitar, here also, the sequence of related notes are played.

So, it is important to learn the Basics of Guitar for any type of playing. For you to play the
Guitar properly, First, you must learn to play the RYTHYM GUITAR properly, in other words, Chor
-ds, Strumming and then the Scales (for Lead Guitar).