A Chord Progression

For Major/Minor Keys

Here I have given a Chord Progression. Major HIGH LOW MINOR HIGH LOW SEVENTH DIMINISH AUGMENT C F G/G7 Em Am Dm C7 C Dim C Aug D G A/A7 F#m Bm Em D7 D Dim D Aug E A B/B7 G#m C#m F#m E7 E Dim E Aug F Bb C/C7 Am Dm Gm F7 F Dim F Aug G C D/D7 Bm Em Am G7 G Dim G Aug A D E/E7 C#m F#m Bm A7 A Dim A Aug B E F#/F#7 Dm Gm Cm B7 B Dim B Aug NB. If you dont know what is a progression refere the "What is Progression?" Theo Constantine