xg;gw;w vd; nry;tNk..

(Key Dm)


xg;gw;w vd; nry;tNk

C Bb Dm

X ve;jd; ,NaR ehjh

Dm C Gm

ck;ik ehd; mwpe;J cwthl

A7 Dm Gm

ck; ghjk; Xb te;Njd; - ehd;

A7 Dm

ck; ghjk; Xb te;Njd;


ck;ik ehd; Mjhakhf;fTk;

C Bb Dm

ck;NkhL xd;whfTk;

Gm C

vy;yhNk Fg;ig vd

A7 Dm

ve;ehSk; fUJfpd;Nwd;


vd; tpUg;gk; vy;yhNk

,NaRNt ePh; jhdd;Nwh

ckJ kfpik xd;Nw

cs;sj;jpd; Vf;fk; Iah


fle;jij kwe;Njd;

fz;Kd;dhy; vd; ,NaR jhd;

njhlh;e;J XLNtd;

njhy;iyfs; vd;d nra;Ak;




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This is not the final notation

By Theo Constantine