vdf;fha; [Ptd; tpl;ltNu

(G Major)


vdf;fha; [Ptd; tpl;ltNu

D7 G

vd;NdhbUf;f vOe;jtNu

G Am

vd;id vd;Wk; top elj;JthNu

D7 G

vd;id re;jpf;f te;jpLthNu

G C D7

,NaR NghJNk ,NaR NghJNk


ve;j ehspYNk ve;epiyapYNk

Am D7

ve;jd; tho;tpdpNy


,NaR NghJNk

gprhrpd; Nrhjid ngUfpl;lhYk; Nrhh;e;J Nghfhky; Kd; nry;yNt cyfKk; khkprKk; kaf;fpl;lhYk; kaq;fplhky; Kd;NdwNt
Gy;Ys;s ,lq;fspy; Nka;j;jpLthh; Mkh;e;j jz;zPuz;il elj;jpLthh; Mj;Jkhit jpdk; Njw;wpLthh; Kuzg; gs;sj;jhf;fpy; fhj;jpLthh;
kdpjh; vd;id iftpl;lhYk; khkprk; mOfpehwptpl;lhYk; IRthpak; ahTk; mope;jpl;lhYk; vd;id Mfhjtd; vd;W js;sptpl;lhYk;

This notation is done by Bro. Ravi (Keyboard player) from Sri Lanka




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This is not the final notation

By Theo Constantine