As the Deer
Words and Music by 
Key - C Major

C                     G/B                        F/A                 C/G          C/E

As         the       deer     pant  -  eth       for       the       wa - ter      so       my
I          want      You      more     than      gold       or       sil -ver,     on   -   ly
You're      my       Friend   and      You        are       my       Broth-er      e   -   ven

 F                  Gsus    G           C      G/C F/C       C          G/B

Soul       long-eth af  -   ter   Thee;                 You     a   -   lone    are  my
You---          can sat -   is  -   fy;                 You     a   -   lone    are the
Though     -    You are -   a     King;                  I     love    You     more than

F/A               C/G                     F               Gsus   G        C       G/B

Heart's       de-sire,   -   and   I    long       to     wor -  ship    Thee.
Real          Joy Giv-er,    and  the    Ap   -   ple      of  - my      eye.
  an    -      y  oth-er,    so   much  more      than     an  - y  -   thing.


Am                         F              C/E     C          F              C/E

You   a - lone are  my  strength, my     shield,      to    You a - lone may my

Dm                               Esus       E          C            G/B

Spir     -   it                 yield;-               You   a    -  lone   are  my 

F/A             C/G                                F   Gsus    G               C

heart's     de-sire,-             and   I  long   to   wor     -   ship      Thee.


1.Use the Chord finder to get the chords you donít know 2.If you have any doubts about, what is F/A (Slash Chords)? Refer the lesson section. 3.However, you could play the first chord which come before the Slash. (e.g if C/F, play C)