Gospel Guitar - Family Chord Progression

The Chord which we are talking about is called the "KEY" or "FAMILY" or "TONIC". Any song could be played with a relevant family chords(Just 3 chords) without using related chords. This is the easiest progression to play a song. For example, if you take C Major family, there are C Major,F Major and G Seventh Chords.

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Major Chords
Family Tonic Sub-Dominant Dominant
C Major C Major F Major G Seventh
D Major D Major G Major A Seventh
E Major E Major A Major B Seventh
F Major F Major Bb Major C Seventh
G Major G Major C Major D Seventh
A Major A Major D Major E Seventh
B Major B Major Eb Major F Seventh

Minor Chords
Family Tonic Sub-Dominant Dominant
C Minor C Minor F Minor G Seventh
D Minor D Minor G Minor A Seventh
E Minor E Minor A Minor B Seventh
F Minor F Minor Bb Minor C Seventh
G Minor G Minor C Minor D Seventh
A Minor A Minor D Minor E Seventh
B Minor B Minor Eb Minor F Seventh

if you want to find more chords click Chord Finder. access the Gospel Guitar Chord Finder page.

Theo Constantine