Using Sustained Chord

Hi, have you ever played the SUS(Sustained Chords)?,If the answer is no, try now!
Sus chords are common to Major and Minor, especially when you want to change the key(Chord) from major to minor you could use the SUS chord as the transition.

Step 1: Play the D major chord on 2nd fret. (use a strumming style you know)
Step 2: Now, while playing, take your small finger(pinky) and place is on the G note(1st String, 3rd note)

Step 3: Keep playing both the chords one after the other.
Well, the sus chords may not be used in the many progression, but it could be played before starting a song, while playing, and while finishing you could use them. It rhyms very nicely. If you know the sus2 as well try all the one after the other. You will really like it.

Theoginus Rohan Constantine