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Pastor Teaching Resource

Bible Gateway
Search multiple bible versions in nine languages.

Die Bibel
Holy Bible in 93 versions and 50 languages!!.

Tamil Audio Scriptures
Tamil Audio scriptures from "Audio scriptures international" (Real Audio)

Holy Bible in Tamil
Holy Bible in Tamil, Old & New Testament.(Murasu Anjal software should be running to read in Tamil.)

Tamil Bible - New Testament (Catholic)
Catholic Bible (New Testament)

Tamil bible
Tamil Bible online Real Audio,Text New Testament and Old Testament, Download Tamil Bible,Bible Table,Daily Bread.

Hindi Bible
Holy Bible in Hindi-Hindi bible.

Internet Accessed ministries
Audio Messages of God's Goodness and Grace. Listen in any language by selecting your region.(Bangla,Bhojpuri,Haryanvi,Hindi,Maghi,Marathi,Kannada,Tamil,Telugu,Urdu and many other)

Audio Bible
the King James Version narrated by Alexander Scourby is available via realaudio.

OnlineChinese/English Bible
offering string or Boolean Keyword(s) searches in both Chinese and English. Switch between Chinese Ho Ho version and King James version for comparative Bible study.

Turkish Bible
Turkish Bible

1 in Faith: A Critical Bible Study
explores the concept that the New Testament gospels were written after the letters of Paul to resolve controversies in the early churches.

Christians share teachings on Jesus' healing, prosperity, and peace.

Acts 17:11 Topical Bible Studies
in depth studies on meaty topics of interest for Christian living. "They searched the Spriptures daily to see..."

Acts of the Apostles
an interactive journey through the pages of the book of Acts. An interactive map outlining this book adds to the adventure.

offers Bible study resources, news, and more.

Malayalam NT
Malayalam New Testament in PDF.

includes information on the Finding the Way Back to Mayberry bible study class.

Becoming Biblically Literate
resources to help the layman learn the Bible and the essentials of the Christian faith.

Bible teachings that are based on Scripture only.

containing bible studies anchored in the Word of God.

Bethel Series
an overview study for helping adults within congregations understand the Bible.

Bible Answer Page
Bible Answer Page

Bible Answers
articles on Bible topics, and a Bible course which will teach you the basic contents of the Bible and how it all fits in together.

Alpha Net
easy way to read the King James Bible; includes a section on biblical prophecy.

Chinese Bible
Chinese Bible in GB encoding.

Jesus Folks christian start page.
Christian links to creation, news, bibles, testimonies, forums, chats, Jesus, Free downloads, audio, pro-life, search engines, and more.

A' cur a' Bhiobuill air Compiutar
Scottish Gaelic Bible on the Internet - portions of the Bible in Scottish Gaelic, available for reading or download.

Online Bible
free Bible software for download.

Bible:King James Version
bible King James

Old English Bible
Old English Bible

Comprehsive Christian Concordance
search engine for Christian Concordance.

Douay-Rheims Bible
bible text and history.

Hypertext Spanish Bible
Spanish Bible

Ible-bay - The Bible in Pig Latin
The first complete translation of the Bible into Pig Latin. This is the 319th translation of the entire Bible; the New Testament has now been translated into 845 languages,and parts of the Bible have been rendered into 1629 tongues.

KJV Bible in HTML
books of the KJV Bible in HTML; The zip file can be downloaded from one of the Sim-Tel or Winsite archive mirror sites.

Tamil Bible (PDF Format)

Tamil Reference Bible

Amazing Bible

Bible Believers [prodigy.com]
Bible Believers

Prayer Tower Online
A beacon of hope during troubled times.Testimonies, Messages, Promises

New Covenant Bible Studies
studies on foundational Christian doctrine, apologetics, eschatology, and theology.

Olive Tree
Olive Tree

One Hope Bible Study
non-denominational Bible study and various articles on biblical topics.

Online Bible Institute
uses the Internet to provide biblical education through distance education.

Organization for Biblical Studies
Organization for Biblical Studies

Paul: Man of Action
a man of action, he preached a life full of service to others.

Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association
helping churches build prosperous Sunday School programs and providing teaching materials and aids.

Bible Believer's Helpful Little Handbook
glossary type information of Biblical terms.

Pi in the Bible
Pi in the Bible

Mountain Retreat
nondenominational Christian theology bible based study page for both the serious, and novice bible student.

Preparing For Eternity
devoted to spreading God's last day message to the world.

PreRapture Ministries
bible studies and commentaries.

Restoration Life In Yahweh Universal Bible Studies
offers scripture study course, scripture resources, and articles by Dr. "Mack" Wilson and others.

Revelation Bible Study Corner
learn about God in this topical bible study.

Revelation Resources
scholarly references to published and Internet materials concerning the Book of Revelation in New Testament.

Revival theology resources
Articles : Revival, Christian character, Nature of sin and more.

a Dutch christian site with a separate page for a statement of faith and a separate interactive page with a text from the bible for meditation.

journal committed to sharing resources for Christ-centred, Bible-based teaching and ministry.

Living Bible Studies
ministry in the building of believers in their walk with Christ.

John Fok's Bible Study Site
John Fok's Bible Study Site

Journal of Biblical Accuracy
The Journal's position is that the Bible is accurate in everything in the original text and languages.

Joyful Heart Studies
on-line project using the Internet to disciple, evangelize, teach the Gospel, and conduct inductive studies.

Ken Collins Bible Studies
theology, apologetics, sermons, spirituality, Christianity, liturgy, lectionary, and hermeneutics.

Kid's Korner
bible study pages for kids.

Lectionary Page, The
The Bible lessons used in the regular worship of the Episcopal Church, fully indexed, with liturgical calendar.

Lessons they Never Taught in Sunday School
Lessons they Never Taught in Sunday School

Network of Biblical Storytellers
our members like to tell the sacred stories in the Bible and train others to do the same.

Little Bible Handbook, A
Try this list of interesting passages designed for beginners. Some brief answers to some of the most basic questions.

Nave's Topical Bible
search or study the Bible topically.

Love The Lord Bible Studies
verse by verse study of the entire King James version Bible.

Men and Women of the Bible
Men and Women of the Bible

Mesopotamian Origins of Genesis.
comparing Biblical stories in Genesis to the more ancient Mesopotamian texts.

Messenger Fellowship
home bible study group from the Gospel Light Ministries.

Messengers of Truth Ministries
a hebraic roots ministry focused on the interpretation of scripture within the context of culture and language at the time of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ).

Ministry for Scripture Study
Christian Bible study archive. Exegetical studies of 1st Peter, Revelation, and other doctrinal topics.

includes studies of apologetics, the gospel, the Christian life, Bible prophecy, and Bible doctrine.

Bible study provided by the Church of Christ.

Life Bible Class - Singapore
page for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the fellowship of Christians.

Winona Lake Free Methodist Bible Quizzing
latest stats and photos from around the country. Offers online quizzing and chat room.

Science and Scripture (Pilgrims Journal of NTC)
Good articles on creation, nature and God.

Through the Bible with Les Feldick
Through the Bible with Les Feldick

Time In The Word
Bible study, newsletter, and original Bible commentary site hosted by Pastor Eric Lee.

True Grace
various scriptures about grace and more.

Truth of Yahweh
overlooked truths of Yahweh and Yahshua in the Bible.

Unofficial Willmington's Guide to the Bible
Unofficial Willmington's Guide to the Bible

WebSite for World Christians
online Bible school.

God's best kept secret.

Whole Bible, The
study of the history of the New Testament with an analysis of the development of the canonical and apocryphal scriptures and their relationships

The Truth About Salvation
The Truth About Salvation

Wisdom of the Bible
exploration of the Bible's wisdom teachings with generous quotes from the Bible. Topics include family life, generosity, government, wealth, humility, good vs evil, and bible translations.

Workshop Rotation Model
sunday school cirriculum model.

World Bible Quiz Association
devoted to promoting Biblical literacy among youth.

World Bible School
free email/web-based correspondence lessons designed to help you understand the Bible and what it means for you.

World Bible School Intro Course
Introductory course to the Bible for beginning students.

Yahweh's Restoration Ministry (YRM)
ministry that studies the Bible and takes it at face value.

Year of the Bible 1999
features a five minutes a day schedule for reading the New Testament in one year online or at home.

Yes Lord Ministries
free downloadable interactive Bible studies, URL links, and more.

Where God Builds Disciples (WGBD)
offers real audio sermons on such topics as repentance, faith, fasting, prayer, and more.

Story of the Birth of Jesus Christ: From Birth to Resurrection
attempts to determine the chronology of the conception and birth of both Jesus Christ and John the Baptizer.

Jesus on the Internet
Jesus on the Internet

Seekers Class
contains lessons from the Quail Lakes Baptist Church in Stockton CA where sovereign grace and Christian application are emphasized.

faith filled articles for the seeking person.

Sermons by Ken D. Trivette
Bible studies, sermons series, sermon of the month.

Servant's Notes
Servant's Notes

Smyrna Chapel
complete religious bible study, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, precept on precept, using King James translation.


These Last Days
32 free study guides to receive by e-mail.

Source of Light Ministries International, Inc
free Bible study courses for all ages.

Second Coming Fellowship
study on the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Sunday School Lessons On Proverbs
Sunday School Lessons On Proverbs

Sunday School Page
contains help and suggestions to make your Sunday School a functional organization supporting ministry and church growth.

Superior version KJV??
Talks about why kings james version is superior.

describes the layout, structure, and furnishings; relates the description in the book of Exodus to the New Testament.

Text This Week, The
Study and worship resources, indexed according to the Revised Common Lectionary schedule.

The Gospel According to Paul
by Dan Neves.

The Secret of the Strength
Lot of articles on Bible.

The Sermon of the Century
A personal site with content on revivals and evangelism, plus travellogues of China and real audio tapes.

Son Dey School of Christ Science
lambhorn;Scientific inferential exposition and exegesis of Biblical Scripture.

Old and New Testaments are summarized with review notes and keypoints.

Children's Bible Hour Online Ministries
produces Bible-based radio programs for children and families.

Bible Study Resource Centre
Bible Study Resource Centre

Bible Study Topics
Bible Study Topics

Bible Truths
Presenting the truths of God's word.

Bible Tutor, The
strengthen your basic knowledge of the Bible through interactive self testing.

Bible: A Godly Book?, The
article about the character of God as it is described in the Bible.

includes a large database of Bible study materials.

Bible Study [pipex.com]
topics for study, Bible reading plan and free publications.

features nondenominational teachings faithful to Scripture.

Bible Study - What Would David Do?
looking at the topic of worship in the book of Psalms.

directory of online texts, interactive Bible study, and reference material.

Biblical / Religious Resources
information and links.

Biblical Counseling On-Line Workshop
provides self counseling materials strictly scriptual to provide a biblical perspective of life issue and recovery.

Biblical Studies Foundation
Biblical Studies Foundation

Biblical Studies Page by Randy McRoberts
annotated list of select resources for biblical studies. Also Ephesians study questions.

Bill Foley's Bible History and Discussion
Bill Foley's Bible History and Discussion

Bread Of Life
offers basic Bible studies through advanced studies of the books of Daniel and the Revelation.

John and Heather's Bible Study Page
collection of bible studies.

Biblelands Project
virtual multimedia tour of the holy land.

Bible Notes
notes and articles on Christ, the local church and other Bible topics with a view to glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bible Chiasms & Parallels
unveiling large parallel poetic structures and their astonishing messages, in both the Old and New Testaments.

Bible Correspondence Center
To preach the Gospel to everyone who can understand Korean language.

Bible Doctrine Home Page
offers a discussion group, church directory, and links focused on Bible doctrine study. Follows the teachings of, but is not affiliated with, R.B. Thieme of Berachah Church.

Bible Gems
presents a selection of Bible sermons, studying them verse by verse, and addresses God's plan of salvation.

Bible Guide
Bible Guide

Bible Information Online
Bible answers to more than 300 frequently requested topics. Ask a Bible expert your questions, too.

Bible Lessons for Children
programmed learning experience for children that teaches the basic principles of the Bible.

Bible Study Net
verse by verse study of Philippians, Philemon, Colossians, Ephesians, Galatians and Reconciliation.

Bible Light
Bible Light

Christian Issues
series of essays on Bible studies and Christian issues.

Bible Notes[aitcom.net]
book-by-book and summary Bible review notes.

Bible Reading Schedule and Summary Outline Charts
Bible Reading Schedule and Summary Outline Charts

Bible Sabbath Associates
resources for Sabbath-observing Christians.

Bible Society in New Zealand
news, views and anything else about the Bible and Bible work in New Zealand and elsewhere.

Bible Study Guide
Bible Study Guide

Bible Students Congregation of New Brunswick
a non-denominational Christian fellowship dedicated to the study of God's Word.

Bible Studies by Aggelia Publishing
discussing the more difficult subjects such as the trinity, Jesus the Only Begotten Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Bible Studies for Christians
the ten commandments, the garden of Eden, the mark of the beast, and others.

Bible Life Ministries
summary of the Bible centering around eleven topics.

Grunewald Ministries
offering bible training.

Bruce N. Cameron's Bible Study Outlines
Bruce N. Cameron's Bible Study Outlines

Focused On Christ
get to know Christ better, a unique look at some Bible subjects.

Four Eleven Foundation
provides teaching on books of the Bible, practical helps for Christian leaders, books and articles on relevant scripture themes.

Frames of Reference
offers studies in the life of Jesus from the Gospels, apologetics, and answers for skeptics about science and the Bible.

God's Scenario
a free guidebook for jump starting your bible studies.

Good News, The
Bible studies focused on knowing Jesus Christ. A new study every week.

Gospel for Asia
Reaching the most unreached people. Free book offer about God's work.

Faith Tech Ministries and International Bible Schools
bible study program.

GraceLife Internet Ministries
shares the great news of God's love and grace for the world through Bible studies and devotionals. Includes GraceThoughts for each week.

Executable Outlines
a collection of Bible study guides and sermon outlines originally presented in an executable file with search, print, and save to file features.

His Word
dedicated to sharing the good word of Jesus Christ and providing a source of Christian links.

In the beginning
In the beginning

In The Beginning
In The Beginning

In The Word
offers Bible studies information and links.

Interactive Bible, The
Your one stop websight for religion and interactive Bible study.

Israel of God
teaching according to the prophets and apostles. Offers text lessons, audio and video tapes and a calendar of events and classes.

Jefferson Bible, The
in this text Thomas Jefferson sought to separate Jesus' ethical teachings from the religious dogma and other supernatural elements that are intermixed in the account provided by the four Gospels

Gospel of Mark
resource page for the study of Mark's gospel. Weekly studies e-mailed.

Daily Word From God, A
prophetic and educational site dedicated to the spoken and written Word of our Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Christian Faith Assembly
one evangelizing church in every village in India. Teach Children, Train leadersPubllish Books and Provide basic needs.

Christian Leadership Academy
provides a course of communication and biblical studies.

Christian News & Views
biblical resources for bible believing Christians, exposing false teachers, false teaching, cults, promise keepers, using the authorized version, king James bible.

Church Online
web pages for churches and ministries.

Claude's Bible Study
study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (II Timothy 2:15)

Community Bible Study
non-denominational study with classes around the U.S.

Computers 4 Christ
online Bible study aids.

Flowchart for the Book of Revelation
there's an old saying that goes, he can't see the forest for the trees. This study is an attempt to see the forest.

Cyber Church of Milwaukee
weekly bible study, announcements, archive of past bible studies, opportunity for counseling and support from a Christian perspective.

Jesus: The Superior Person
a Sermon/Bible Study from the Book of Hebrews.

Dead Faith - What Is It? A Study of James 2:14-26
a theological storm-center dealing with faith and works.

Development of the Canon of the New Testament
looks at how the Church selected certain writings as authoritative and separated them from a larger body of early Christian literature.

Discover Bible Guides
Discover Bible Guides

Downtown Bible Class
offers weekly meetings led by Pastor Scott and broadcast on several radio stations and on the internet.

Eastland Church of Christ
Bible question and answers, and on-line courses.

Electronic New Testament Manuscripts Project
international, scholarly, volunteer effort to make images and transcriptions of New Testament manuscripts freely available on the Internet.

Embracing The Contradiction
study of Biblical duality and its relationship to all science by Dwayne Sheffield.

Examining the Scriptures
everything the Scriptures teach, and nothing they do not teach; non-denominational study for adults and children.

CrossWire Software
free Christian educational Bible software society.