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Gospel Guitar A Musical Site
Learning to play Guitar, Free lessons, with Gospel songs notation, E-Cards, Cliparts, Midi and many more Christian related resources.

Internet Accessed ministries
Audio Messages of God's Goodness and Grace. Listen in any language by selecting your region.(Bangla,Bhojpuri,Haryanvi,Hindi,Maghi,Marathi,Kannada,Tamil,Telugu,Urdu and many other)

OnlineChinese/English Bible
offering string or Boolean Keyword(s) searches in both Chinese and English. Switch between Chinese Ho Ho version and King James version for comparative Bible study.

Turkish Bible
Turkish Bible

La Bibbia (Versione ufficiale della CEI)
in Italian.

Bible Answer Page
Bible Answer Page

Chinese Bible
Chinese Bible in GB encoding.

Jesus Folks christian start page.
Christian links to creation, news, bibles, testimonies, forums, chats, Jesus, Free downloads, audio, pro-life, search engines, and more.

A' cur a' Bhiobuill air Compiutar
Scottish Gaelic Bible on the Internet - portions of the Bible in Scottish Gaelic, available for reading or download.

Bibbia, La
download la versionedigitale del libro pił letto.

Comparative Edition of the Syriac Gospels
written by George Anton Kiraz University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

Hypertext Spanish Bible
Spanish Bible

Ible-bay - The Bible in Pig Latin
The first complete translation of the Bible into Pig Latin. This is the 319th translation of the entire Bible; the New Testament has now been translated into 845 languages,and parts of the Bible have been rendered into 1629 tongues.

Internet Chinese Bible
Chinese Bible

Bible Bulletin Board
Bible Bulletin board

Bible Believers [prodigy.com]
Bible Believers