Guitar Accessories

A Guitar Case or Bag

If your guitar does not have a case, buy one if you can afford it. Cases are expensive but give excellent protection against heat and bangs. Second best would be weatherproof bag with protective lining, but be careful of scratching the guitar with zip. If you cannot afford either of these at the beginning, keep the guitar in the cardboard box supplied by the shop because this was designed to fit it exactly.

Tuning dials

It is not easy to tune guitar when you first begin. Follow the instruction which given in the lessons.
Tuning fork, a solid metal bar which when struck against a hard surface (or your knee) will give a clear ringing accurate note. Buy one which is tuned to the note E because this is the same as your highest sounding strings.
Pitch pipes, are easier to tune to because you simply blow the note for each string. However, unless you buy a good set you will not get a perfect match of note and will need to adjust the tuning as described.
Electronic tuners, are becoming available in increasing numbers and at resonable prices. They all have different types of meters or flashing lights to show you whether your strings are sharp, flat or in tune. Be careful not to depend on one at the expense of traing your ear to recognise when your guitar's in tune.

A ring folder

As a supplement to this lessons you will inevitably collect other copies of music and notes. Experience has shown that the only satisfactory way to keep them without having a ile of wind-blown sheets all over the room is to put them in alphabetical order in a ring folder, preferably pasted on card so that they stand up on a music stand. Make sure that the folder will open falt.

A Capo

Later in this course you will need a capo. Capos fit on the fretboard of your guitar, raising the pitch of open strings. This means that you can use the basic chord shapes you learn here to play in more difficult keys.

Guitar polish and oil

People are often tempted to use ordinary furniture polish on their guitars. If you do polish your guitar, use only the special cleaning materials a good music shop will stock. Always apply the polish with soft cloth in direction of the wood grain. For most of the time just keep the guitar clear of finger marks by wiping in over with a slightly damp cloth.